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Security Alert: CryptoLocker is loose in the wild

10/25/2013 16:35
There have been increasing reports of a new type of “ransomware” virus that is particularly nasty. Ransomware is just what it sounds like: malware that demands a ransom be paid in order to get rid of it. It may pretend to be from a legitimate anti-virus program or even a law enforcement agency...

Security Rumbles: January 2013

01/31/2013 11:30
  Today, the New York Times is reporting that they have been battling in cyberspace with hackers who are believed to be from China ( This is an excellent...

Windows 8 Preview: Day 3 First Impressions

06/25/2012 20:52
Verdict: All in all, while I’m going to keep running Windows 8 myself, I can’t in good faith recommend a Windows 8 upgrade for our business clients. A new PC, fine, but the frustration level with Metro in a full desktop setting is a deal breaker in its current form. Running a full tablet...
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IE 0 Day Exploit

12/12/2008 19:27
Microsoft reported a new "zero-day exploit" that affects most versions of the Internet Explorer browser. A zero-day exploit is a security vulnerability that is being exploited before the software vendor or public know that the issue exists. This particular exploit attacks flaws within Internet...

Spoofed NDR issues

04/14/2008 13:05
We've seen a rash of NDR (non-Delivery Response) floods happening to our clients. In all cases, it appears that the spam being NDRed is spoofed, but we are receiving reports from these users that they are being black listed on spam filters. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks, -J-

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