My new blog has been launched today. This is intended to be a compilation of musings and thoughts with a rough focus on security and privacy. The idea is to provide analysis, commentary and geekspeak translations of news, events, and happenings in the security and technology arenas.

Feel free to comment and reply, the idea is to dialog.

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Musings - Geek speak elucidations

Something fishy at Lenovo

02/20/2015 10:54
Over the past few days, Lenovo has come under increasing fire for adding Superfish adware to its consumer products. While adware/bloatware is nothing new, this software not only hijacks web searches to show ads, but it exposes customers to vulnerabilities that can intercept private and protected...

Hert Bleed: what can we do?

04/10/2014 13:37
This Tuesday, April 8th, network security researchers announced a startling vulnerability in Open SSL, the encryption program that secures about 2/3 of websites. This vulnerability looks to have been around for approximately 2 years and a patch has been released to fix it. As internet users,...

Apple: a bad few days for security

02/25/2014 12:58
  So the past few days have been bad for Apple Inc. on the security front…   First, they released an update to iOS 7 for iPhones and iPads that fixed an extremely important security flaw, but have not released a fix for the same flaw in Mac OS. This flaw could allow anyone on a...

Security Alert: CryptoLocker is loose in the wild

10/25/2013 16:35
There have been increasing reports of a new type of “ransomware” virus that is particularly nasty. Ransomware is just what it sounds like: malware that demands a ransom be paid in order to get rid of it. It may pretend to be from a legitimate anti-virus program or even a law enforcement agency...

Security Rumbles: January 2013

01/31/2013 11:30
  Today, the New York Times is reporting that they have been battling in cyberspace with hackers who are believed to be from China (https://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/31/technology/chinese-hackers-infiltrate-new-york-times-computers.html?pagewanted=1&ref=technology). This is an excellent...

Windows 8 Preview: Day 3 First Impressions

06/25/2012 20:52
Verdict: All in all, while I’m going to keep running Windows 8 myself, I can’t in good faith recommend a Windows 8 upgrade for our business clients. A new PC, fine, but the frustration level with Metro in a full desktop setting is a deal breaker in its current form. Running a full tablet...

Windows 8 first impressions - Day 1

06/21/2012 20:32
  Upgrade from Window 7 64 bit: Downloaded the upgrade package and after an hour of uninstalling little things like the drivers for my 3rd monitor, received “Sorry, were unable to figure out if your high end 6 month old laptop is compatible” messages too many time times to count. Screw...

The fine line between efficient and invasive

04/13/2012 14:54
  Yesterday, I received a spam message from a backup software vendor. Now, this is not an unusual occurrence as I received unsolicited emails from various technology vendors all the time. I let them through the shields as they occasionally have some relevant information or products in...

Day 3 iPad 2 review: an Android geek's perspective

01/06/2012 14:55
  Day 3 It's the interface; it just preforms so smoothly with absolutely no hesitation, and all of the little animations  that are built in are really impressive. I never had any complaints about the Xoom, but the iPad just screams. Apparently there's no way to access my...

Day 2 iPad 2 review: an Android geek's perspective

01/05/2012 09:41
  Day 2 I really miss the Amazon free app of the day… Android only Widgets and notifications… I've gotten very used to being able to see new emails, the weather, etc. at a glance and get a preview when new emails come in. If there's a anything that brings me back to the Xoom, it...
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Rants - Tech savvey explications

IE 0 Day Exploit

12/12/2008 19:27
Microsoft reported a new "zero-day exploit" that affects most versions of the Internet Explorer browser. A zero-day exploit is a security vulnerability that is being exploited before the software vendor or public know that the issue exists. This particular exploit attacks flaws within Internet...

Spoofed NDR issues

04/14/2008 13:05
We've seen a rash of NDR (non-Delivery Response) floods happening to our clients. In all cases, it appears that the spam being NDRed is spoofed, but we are receiving reports from these users that they are being black listed on spam filters. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks, -J-