Day 1 iPad 2 review: an Android geek's perspective

01/04/2012 10:37


As an admitted Android fan who purchased a Motorola Xoom Android tablet the day it was released, and I was surprised by receiving a new iPad 2 for the holidays. Being what I consider to be a fair individual, I’m giving it a try and will compare and contrast…

Day 1, first impressions:

  • The iPad seems a little lighter than the Xoom, although I don’t have a case for it yet
  • Very impressed by the responsiveness, slick!
  • Despite the instructions from Verizon; thankfully I wasn’t forced to install iTunes on my PC
  • Onscreen keyboard seems to register the jab of my fat fingers a bit better
  • App store: I’d really like to keep browsing for other apps after I choose one to install. I could care less about the download progress
  • Password hell: Why do I need to retype my password every time I open the App store
  • Onscreen keyboard need a numbers row so I can quickly type passwords (I have a custom keyboard on the Xoom for that)
  • Notifications: need configuration, woke up a few times from the dings of calendar and messages
  • Seriously? One button to rule them all, except to lock the darn thing. Although given the Xoom’s power/lock button placement, I really can’t complain.
  • Back button… keep hitting the lower left for the back button…
  • Interesting discovery: a Vook (Video Book) that my wife ordered on her Kindle seems to work great… didn’t work on the Xoom or even any of our PCs
  • The power/data cord is only 3 feet long?
  • The big blocky power/data connector doesn’t seem to fit all that well