Day 2 iPad 2 review: an Android geek's perspective

01/05/2012 09:41


Day 2

  • I really miss the Amazon free app of the day… Android only
  • Widgets and notifications… I've gotten very used to being able to see new emails, the weather, etc. at a glance and get a preview when new emails come in. If there's a anything that brings me back to the Xoom, it will be this functionality…
  • Seriously? No electronics store in the mall has an power/data cable over 4 ft long? Oh, but there's a power cable adaptor to the USB power brick that's 6 ft long...
  • Any particular reason app icons can't be arranged as I see fit?
  • Any particular reason I can’t put Apple apps into folders? Really?!
  • Power: excellent, much longer life than my Xoom… I actually didn’t charge it last night and it's still at 72%. The Xoom never lasted longer than a day, and often warned of low power if I stayed up late
  • Smartcover: probably the best designed accessory I've ever seen