Day 3 iPad 2 review: an Android geek's perspective

01/06/2012 14:55


Day 3

  • It's the interface; it just preforms so smoothly with absolutely no hesitation, and all of the little animations  that are built in are really impressive. I never had any complaints about the Xoom, but the iPad just screams.
  • Apparently there's no way to access my Gmail contacts from my iPad… although there are iPhone apps to sync them to the local contacts
  • I was force to pay for my first app… IMHO one of Apple's significant contributions to society: training people to pay for every little thing
  • Brightness - actually works on "auto". The Xoom auto setting is far too dim for my tastes
  • 3G - well, it sure ain't the 4G on the Xoom… but to be honest it's not that bad