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Untethered fun in the sun...

06/10/2009 14:49
As summer approaches, the dream of working while sitting on the beach comes to the fore. While I doubt many of us will be that lucky, the technology to enable this has been with us for some time and most of us use it every day: WiFi. WiFi (or Wireless Fidelity) is any of the widely deployed...

Social Insecurity

04/30/2009 10:29
Every day, our communications are becoming more interconnected. Whether it's receiving work and home email on your phone, updating your Linkedin status at work, or accessing work files from home, the line between home life and work life is more blurred than ever. While all of this interconnection...

Boom! April fools!?

03/26/2009 11:52
As the warm weather begins to set in, something besides April showers may be approaching. A malicious program called Conficker (a.k.a. Worm_DownAD.AD, Trojan.Win32.Pakes.lxf, W32.Downadup) has been propagating throughout the internet and making headlines. This malware (malicious software) has...
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Rants - Tech savvey explications

IE 0 Day Exploit

12/12/2008 19:27
Microsoft reported a new "zero-day exploit" that affects most versions of the Internet Explorer browser. A zero-day exploit is a security vulnerability that is being exploited before the software vendor or public know that the issue exists. This particular exploit attacks flaws within Internet...

Spoofed NDR issues

04/14/2008 13:05
We've seen a rash of NDR (non-Delivery Response) floods happening to our clients. In all cases, it appears that the spam being NDRed is spoofed, but we are receiving reports from these users that they are being black listed on spam filters. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks, -J-

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