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Internet pain reliever…

03/02/2009 09:49
One of the primary goals of Information Security is to maintain the availability of information, and this month we will be discussing the availability of your internet connection. With lower costs and increased throughput, the internet is more of a vital business tool than ever. So just how painful...

Backing up is hard to do...

01/30/2009 10:27
Have you ever experienced the nauseating sensation of data loss? If so, you are most likely a firm believer in backing up your information. Whether it was a deleted proposal that could have save you hours of work, or a presentation that someone wrote over, or a hard drive that died, there is no...

Some Un-jolly Tidings...

12/31/2008 19:49
With the holidays here, there are many not-so-jolly “traditions” that are percolating through the internet. Specifically, we are focusing on the social engineering attacks frequently referred to as a confidence trick or as a con. A con is the basis for a number of online or computer...
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IE 0 Day Exploit

12/12/2008 19:27
Microsoft reported a new "zero-day exploit" that affects most versions of the Internet Explorer browser. A zero-day exploit is a security vulnerability that is being exploited before the software vendor or public know that the issue exists. This particular exploit attacks flaws within Internet...

Spoofed NDR issues

04/14/2008 13:05
We've seen a rash of NDR (non-Delivery Response) floods happening to our clients. In all cases, it appears that the spam being NDRed is spoofed, but we are receiving reports from these users that they are being black listed on spam filters. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks, -J-

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